In the past seven or eight years the online poker industry has grown at an enormous rate with millions of players sitting down and battling against one another over hundreds of poker rooms. At the same time Facebook has helped bring together people who want to play online poker against real players for free with Zynga Poker. The differences, however, between the two businesses are not drastic as they rely on players to keep playing.

The Growth and Focus of Zynga Poker

It was only expected that with the growth of online poker earlier in the decade, there would be a Facebook application that links together poker fans from across the social network. Zynga’s Poker Blitz is a free Facebook app that brings together thousands of players every day to play for virtual chips that can be collected and of course lost. The major factor that has brought rise to Zynga Facebook poker is that unlike most Facebook apps this poker game actually seats real players together just like when playing real online poker.

The thing to remember with Zynga Poker is that it is not always free. Once a player has lost all of their chips they must purchase more to keep playing. Recently Facebook started consolidating its virtual currency system to make buying virtual goods like Zynga poker chips.

This means real money is being exchanged for virtual money that can only exist online and nowhere else. Therefore after the initial dose of free poker chips players have to either buy more chips or give up playing if they go bust. This is an awful lot like real online poker and for many reasons.

How Players Can Play for Real Online Poker Money For Free

As stated above the Facebook app Poker Blitz, by game maker Zynga, has given Facebook users the ability to play online poker for free, well at least at first it is. In an odd way online poker with major rooms like UltimateBet, Absolute Poker, and Full Tilt Poker do the exact same thing to attract players as Zynga does.

There are websites such as that will give you real money for free, to start playing online poker on these rooms. Unlike Poker Blitz, if you win you win real money that can be withdrawn, when you cannot withdraw Poker Blitz chips.

The way it works is that a potential player has to sign up to the website whether it be a poker social network like Pokerspace or not. From there all they have to do is download the poker room from the website and apply for the free bankroll. If you win with the free money, great because you can continue to play and win money. If you lose, you’re in the same situation as you would be in if you started playing Poker Blitz and went bust. The player would have to open their wallet, or credit card, and deposit money onto the room.

There is the belief that playing online poker is illegal, but it is not illegal. What is illegal is for a U.S. financial institution to transfer money to an online poker room. Playing online poker is not illegal at all.

If a person were to say that online poker through Facebook is just the same as real online poker, they would be nearly 100% correct, only with real online poker can you win real money. With places like offering free poker money to get people started playing for real money, Zynga’s Poker Blitz is exactly like real online poker.

Money changes hands eventually. If Poker Blitz players crave that community feel that Facebook delivers then Pokerspace is also a good option because it is a social network just like Facebook, but for poker players. No matter if you play Poker Blitz or on a major online poker room, it is clear that the online world has adopted the game of poker for everyone across the world to enjoy.