With the online poker world still reeling from Black Friday, the new U.S.-friendly poker network, the Atlantis Poker Network, is a breath of fresh air in an industry that regularly alienates their players. Poker rooms on the network like Wildside Poker and BetSharks are aiming to shake up the industry and with a very solid software and customer service department they may create a sizable player following in the near future.

New 2-D and 3-D Software on Atlantis Poker Network

One of the things that Atlantis has developed is a pretty solid piece of software that has delighted and surprised poker players. They have a modest 3-D software platform that is very clean and easy to use. In the case of Wildside Poker the colors are appealing and easy on the eyes. To the average player that doesn’t mean much, but to regular players spending hours on a single game, it means a lot.

The 3-D software is very solid as well. It isn’t as complex and visually appealing as the revolutionary PKR 3-D online poker room, but the Atlantis Poker Network designed an intuitive and light 3-D software that won’t weigh your computer down. As new versions come out in the future the 3-D platform will grow in features

Review of Atlantis Poker

Focus on Customer Service

One of the things that any new poker room, let alone a new poker network, has to do it give peace of mind to players that their network is safe and reliable and many of the Atlantis Poker Network rooms see customer service as the way to retain players. The network knows that it can’t complete with the enormous cash prize pools and massive player fields and instead focus on making the players they do have happy and content.

Wildside Poker likes to promote that any player can get in contact with their representatives anytime. The CEO of the poker room also frequents the poker rooms forum often responding mega moolah progressive slot machine to player questions and concerns personally. This is not limited to just Wildside Poker as these types of touches would naturally appeal to recreational players who want to feel taken care of. This is often a complaint from players on the largest poker networks as customer service is distant and often hard to work with.

Promotions and Freerolls

As the network is very new to help gain more player confidence the poker rooms throw a number of freeroll tournaments ranging from just $50 to $200 multiple times a week. These games absolutely help populate the games. The deposit bonuses are fairly standard at 100% up to $500, plus a more unique automatic reload bonus of 20% up to $200.

The Atlantis Poker Network is young and building a player following. It hasn’t worked out all the kinks, but with a dedicated customer service department, a refined software platform, and a great number of freerolls will bring in players and help keep them there.